The Presbyterian Church of Wales, Brockley

Brockley is home to a number of unusual churches, so this is the first in a short series focusing on those who're interested in a religious path less taken.

The Presbyterian Church of Wales is found at 289 Lewisham Way, next to St Johns Church.

Throughout London in the immediate pre and post war period there were over 30 Welsh churches. Now there are only six. One of the Church's late former members Meurig Owen was an authority on the history of the church and some of his work can be found in the Lewisham Local History records

It was established in 1924 and has a service in Welsh every Sunday at 11am. They also have a literary society meeting twice a month from October to March.

The Church Secretary is Mr Gwyndaf Evans, who you can contact on 0208 300 6415 to find out more.

Thanks to reader Jane for bringing it to our attention.