East London Line: First Contact

Calculon: The year was 2019, and I was just a lowly robot arm working on Project Satan, a savage, intelligent military car built from the most evil parts of the most evil cars in all the world. The steering wheel from Hitler's staff car. The left turn signal from Charles Manson's VW. The windshield wipers from that car that played Knight Rider.
Fry: Knight Rider wasn't evil.
Calculon: His windshield wipers were. It didn't come up much in the show, though. Anyway, only after bringing Project Satan to life did they discover they had made a horrible mistake. For you see, it was pure evil!
- Futurama

Brockley Central is delighted to bring you the first verified photographic evidence that the East London Line train service is coming. Taken in New Cross Gate, here is a train shot on the move and at rest.

Until now, all we had to go on were rumours of sightings and discoveries of abandoned tracks.

So, the question has been answered definitively. The people of Brockley are not alone in the universe. But a greater question remains: do they look more like "tube" trains or "overland" trains?