The Telegraph Hill Festival Update

There's a lot happening today as part of the Telegraph Hill Festival. We failed to update you with everything that happened yesterday, we only hope the BBC News coverage they attracted was compensation in some small way.

At 2.30pm, there's a local history walk starting from the Upper Park Tennis Courts.

At 3pm, there's Dad-a-Ganza, a variety show put on by local dads.

At 8pm, there's a lecture called 'Democracy, it was good while it lasted', which sounds suspiciously like it's going to be delivered by Henry Porter. We hope it isn't or you can expect a tirade against CCTV cameras, ID cards and the Iraq War.

On Wednesday, author Blake Morrison will discuss his book "South of the River" - which features Brockley's urban foxe - at The Telegraph pub, Dennetts Road at 8pm. Tickets required, but there will still be some available on the door.


Tamsin said...

Not Henry Porter - although having followed the link some of what he says has merit - it's Barrie Hall.

"Barrie Hall is a maths and science tutor. He has written and appeared in television entertainment shows for broadcasters including Channel 4 and BBC TV. He previously worked as a press officer for five years. He is a parent governor of Edmund Waller School.

He will be standing for the Liberal Democrats in the local government elections in May 2010."

I hope the last sentence won't feature too much, but he did a comedic turn at the Bold Vision Gala in January and was very good. With this I expect he will be more serious, but it should still be entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Still carrying on with the comedy then.

Tamsin said...

It was actually very good - he's an excellent speaker and, apart from a bit of incursion from the Juke box down below, it's a good venue. He was sitting in the corner of the L-shaped room addressing groups seated around tables. All very informal. Then went into general discussion, good/bad, hopes/pessimism.

Lib dems and the fact he's standing in May did not feature at all - he did not even say which ward.

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