Brockley Common update

The Brockley Cross Action Group get stuck in

Izz and Tess, with the other women-workers, in their whitey-brown pinners, stood waiting and shivering… By the engine stood a dark motionless being, a sooty and grimy embodiment of tallness, in a sort of trance, with a heap of coals by his side: it was the engineman. He was in the agricultural world, but not of it. He served fire and smoke; these denizens of the fields served vegetation, weather, frost, and sun…

- Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy

Respect due to the Brockley Cross Action Group volunteers, who have taken in to their own hands the task of clearing up Brockley Common and turning the station in to something we can be proud of.

Yesterday, they were out in the cold, doing backbreaking work on the soil as the trains trundled by, to prepare the way for the planting which is due to take place over Easter.