Streetcar in Lewisham

Streetcar have been in touch.

They have grown rapidly in Lewisham, with membership rising from 500 members in March 2008 to 2,275 members in March 2010.

As a result, they are seeking to expand further, asking the Council for permission for a further 25 bays across the borough.

Brockley will be a particular focus for expansion - and Streetvan is coming to Crofton Park soon - so they'd like to offer one Brockley Central reader the chance to try out Streetcar for themselves with a free trial membership. The condition is you have to write a short review of the experience for Brockley Central.

If you'd like to give it a go, please email us and we'll pick one of you at random. You need a driving licence, obviously!

More thoughts on Streetcar soon.