Streetcar in Lewisham

Streetcar have been in touch.

They have grown rapidly in Lewisham, with membership rising from 500 members in March 2008 to 2,275 members in March 2010.

As a result, they are seeking to expand further, asking the Council for permission for a further 25 bays across the borough.

Brockley will be a particular focus for expansion - and Streetvan is coming to Crofton Park soon - so they'd like to offer one Brockley Central reader the chance to try out Streetcar for themselves with a free trial membership. The condition is you have to write a short review of the experience for Brockley Central.

If you'd like to give it a go, please email us and we'll pick one of you at random. You need a driving licence, obviously!

More thoughts on Streetcar soon.


Monkeyboy said...

I'm already a member. The street van thing is great if you're working on your house and need a van for few hours. There are cheaper options for day or longer hires but The ease of use is a winner. Brockley cross would be a great location, in that odd little area infront of the bagel place?

John said...

I think if you just ring them up and ask for a free trial they will give you one. They did for me.

It's a very good service but the membership costs mean that it's of no real use to me.

nburdy said...

already a member - great service.

Brockley Jon said...

Indeed it's great. Think they need an entry driving test tho, based on the prangs and scratches you find on most of them! ;)

Jim Jepps said...

Street van is great - this is really good news.

Anonymous said...

Brockley Jon - I'm a member too and have not yet scraped one, but they do seem to specialise in parking spots that are hard to access!! Narrow space next to a wall in Reynard Close, big tree on the side of the drive in St John's etc.

I suspect they don't actually charge members for minor scratches and bumps as it would be a real disincentive to carry on using them.

I've been petitioning Streetcar in increasingly desperate terms to put some cars in Brockley, as I live at the centre of a huge area (in Streetcar terms) with no cars at all. Nearest one is Reynard Close and it's almost never available when I need it.

I really do recommend Streetcar to anyone who is only an occasional car user - if a significant number of the new ones are in Brockley it may make it feasible for some BC readers to give up their cars entirely!

Ian said...

I used it for a year but when 3 cars within 10 minutes walk reduced to 1 weekend use became impossible. Booking 7+ days in advance isn't my idea of a convenient service; and when you've only got an hour before the car has to be back for the next customer, it really puts the dash in trolley dash.

Brockley Jon said...

Ian, I guess the problem is to Streetcar an available car is a car not making money, bit I agree it's getting more and more difficult to find one free with less than a week's notice.

Anon, it's true, that Reynard Close space is awkward as a pain to get in and out of, and a few people seem to have used the wall as a guide! It used to be a rather nice Gold Tdi though, so it was worth the effort. Not sure if it stil is, haven't used that one for a while.

John said...

Following on from my last post, my first experience of streetcar was at a public exhibition about five years ago where I had a stand next to them . One of the guys offered to give me a demonstration. Once we were in the car the whole thing shut down and we couldn't get out for about 30 minutes! The poor lad kept trying to assure me that "this doesn't usually happen" which, to be fair, is actually true.

During my month's free trial I used the St Johns vehicle and twice couldn't get it back on the driveway because it was obstructed by another vehicle. I just parked it outside my house instead and they were happy with that.

Simone said...

Streetcar is not as cheap nor as convenient as when I joined in 2006. Membership used to be a one off cost and now it's an annual fee. It's no longer possible to grab one on impulse either. You need to plan ahead with your bookings.

The parks do seem to be trickier Anon - I've had some close calls in Reynard Close!

The cars and service are still nice but at the end of the day I've ended my membership and will buy my own.

Rachel said...

The level of usage of each car must be an issue all over London, i.e. it must be a balancing act for Streetcar to have enough cars that people find them convenient, but not so many that they are lying idle for large parts of the day/week.

If the Lewisham membership has increased as shown, then that explains how hard it is to book some of the ones round here - with 20 additional cars we should go back to a situation where people who have been turned off by lack of availability will find Streetcar more appealing again.

Anonymous said...

Is there any update on this? Streetcar have told me that they were expecting to have had the new bays allocated by now but that there's been a bit of a delay. Anyone from the council know what's going on?

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