Springtime for Brockers

The Brockley Cross Action Group has confirmed that the Brockley Common project, which will create a green public space next to Brockley Station, will be completed in time for summer.

The project has been hit by well-documented construction problems and the common is currently little more than a brown hill, decorated by weeds, fag-ends and construction materials, which the contractors abandoned since work "finished" many months ago. As a result, many have asked whether the money and effort spent has been worthwhile. By summer, we should have the answer.

Speaking at the Brockley Assembly, BXAG member Stuart Woodin revealed that local social enterprise Envirowork will start work shortly on the preparatory work for the land, which has become waterlogged and compacted. This will enable planting to take place over four weekends around Easter.

The planting - all being done by volunteers - will create a meadow effect. The BXAG canvassed opinion from those present about whether they should create some informal steps, running directly up the side of the common to the station entrance or do planting to deter people from using the rat run that appeared in the long, long wait for the steps to open.