To Do

If you have a few minutes spare, there are a few things you could do with them:

  1. Please complete the Networked Neighbourhoods survey about your experiences on Brockley Central - closing date March 23rd. More than 110 of you have already, which is great thanks!
  2. Please sign the petition against cuts to the London Bridge rail services, which is being submitted at midday on March 23rd
  3. Come and find us on Twitter @brockleycentral
  4. Check out the local trade recommendations here or the classified ads here


Selfish mofo said...

What in it for me?

Tamsin said...

Possibly (I can always dream) restoration of the Charing Cross direct trains late night and at weekends.
Finding that there is someone recommended or local to do a job for you that you have been putting off for too long.
The sense of inner well-being that will come from knowing that you have supported this excellent blog.

(And if anyone has an hour or so to spare this evening and is a user of the Telegraph Hill Parks there is the park users group meeting tonight. 8pm Telegraph Hill Centre.)

Errrrmmm said...


Is there anyway of having an area which lists the recently updated trends? I know there is the recent comments area but on a busy commenting day it often happens that someone asks a question on a different trend (like the tradespeople one) but it gets missed as it gets knocked off too quickly, before the masses have had time to read/notice it.

Just a thought....


Tamsin said...

Yes, it would be good. I've only ever done it once, but it does seem manipulative to create a conversation with yourself to keep the updated but elderly thread up to the top of the recent comments list because you want people to see it.

On the other hand if you are signed in so that you come up blue I think there is an option to tick to be notified by e-mail if the thread you have posted on has another post put on it. That way you don't miss answers to questions you raise.

Brockley Nick said...

I know we have been saying this for a very long time, but Brockley Jon is working on Brockley Central 3.0, which will have lots of new bells and whistles.

The site is now so huge that it's a big job and it's important that we don't lose the good things about this site, so we are taking our time. But we're now quite close to having a test site.

Errrrmmm said...

Sounds good! It would just be helpful if when you ask for a recommendation that people get chance to see it. Look forward to the test run.


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