Children's music workshop

Becky is launching a new children's music course, during Easter at the Telegraph Hill Centre. It's called Brockley Easter Music and prices start at £110 for the four day course.

She says:

I'm a local workshop leader and teacher in the Nunhead area, and this my first course locally, although I've run similar events back in Leicester.

It's a four day course for children aged 7 - 11, both those who play instruments and those who don't, and they'll be doing lots of creative music workshops to put together a concert performed on the final Saturday. I'll be leading the course with a band of experienced helpers helping out.

There's full details about the course on my website at, please could you let people know about it?


Anonymous said...

prices START @ £110 ??????

Anonymous said...

Or just over £25 a day.

Tamsin said...

Take into account the room hire, equipment insurance and paying her band of experienced helpers - the organiser will be lucky if she gets much more than the minimum wage out of it for herself - particularly if you factor in the pre- and post-event admin at an hourly rate.

Knitted jumper wearer said...

Plus the cups of organic orange squash don't pay for themselves

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