New corpse for Nunhead Cemetery

Nunhead is not the new Notting Hill.

The reviews are in: Hereafter, the Clint Eastwood-directed supernatural thriller that stars Nunhead Cemetery, is a stinker.

The film, released this week has variously been described as "slow, ponderous and as shallow as it thinks it is deep," and "an unholy embarrassment." And while you might say the same thing of the Richard Curtis effort, it seems unlikely that Nunhead's gates will rival Hugh Grant's front door on the film-lovers trail any time soon.


Anonymous said...

I read one review which gave it 10/10,Saying Eastwood was the best living director.

qbf said...

Mark Kermode's just given this the thumbs up (BBC news 24) - though he did describe it as 'deeply flawed'!

thisisengland said...

There was an interesting piece in the Telegraph, last Friday I think, about the experience of hiring your house to Clint for a scene in Hereafter. He wanted a house in N.London to look just like a house they'd already used in S.London. When asked why they didn't just use the house in S.London, the reply was 'Clint wants it to be near his hotel'. After a day getting the house to match the S.London house, and shooting the (night) scene in one take, Clint posed with neighbours signed autographs and left, as he went he was heard muttering 'it doesn't look anything like the other house'.

qbf said...

yes, I saw that article too! An unbelievable amount of fuss for a 20 second shot.

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