Brockley Cross, 2070s

After we brought you the ghost of Brockley Cross' past, here's what could yet be to come.

A designer, who does not wish to be named as she says she should have been doing proper work rather than messing about with this, has send us this mock up of what a single roundabout solution could like.

BC is always happy to concede that things may be more complicated than they appear, but for the love of Pete, can anyone tell us what is wrong with this more elegant solution? The roundabout itself needn't be raised, so long vehicles could drive over it to negotiate the tight corners. The twin roundabout would of course disappear, she's just left them in for reference.

She's also extended the pavements in the yellow-shaded areas. That looks nice but the one on the left looks like it would make turning left up the hill pretty tricky.