Ladywell Fields: Problems with street drinkers

In another update, the Ladywell Fields Users Group reports:

There have been serious problems of late with street drinkers by the ball court behind Albacore Crescent. Several incidents have been reported to the Police, including an alleged assault. The issue is being taken very seriously by the authorities and enforcement is ongoing.
If you have experienced or witnessed anything in this connection please talk in confidence with the Council's Antisocial Behaviour Team on 020 8314 6233.


Anonymous said...

It was obvious this was going to happen after they were stopped drinking in Lewisham High Street,move them on and they just find somewhere else to drink.

Tamsin said...

Quite - and at least in the High Street they were more under the public eye and were, in practice, often fenced off from passers by.

De-zone the High Street and zone the park.

Anonymous said...

Last Autumn a meeting was held at the Civic Suite to discuss the large number of street drinkers meeting at Rushey Green outside the addiction centre.

The mayor witnessed the publics frustration at the lack of enforcement. The borough Inspector/Commander was requested to attend the next meeting to explain what the situation was and why he supported and would enforce the borough wide drinking controls.

It was revealed at the meeting as from October 1st the medical centre would no longer be issuing drugs to patients.

Without any enforcement the number of street drinkers dramatically reduced at Rushey Green.

If you check Brockley Central archives you will find the temporary borough wide controlled drinking zone was introduced AFTER the reduction in street drinkers at Rushey Green.

A couple of weeks ago the council issued a press release claiming the borough wide controlled drinking zone had rid the borough of the hot spot at Rushey Green.

By coincidence the controlled drinking zone is due to soon be made permanent.

At the meeting last autumn the manager of the medical centre, council staff working in the building didn't take ownership of what was happening directly outside their door.

Altough quiered a council officer said there would be an outreach programme alongside the temporary borough wide drinking control.

A local councillor's soluttion was to make Rushey Green a designated drink area.

From the public reaction I doubt the council will carry that plan forward.

If we have borough wide controls why are the number of drinkers increasing in Ladywell Fields and have returned to the steps of St Mary's Church?

Anonymous said...

The above was written before seeing the other comments.

Just because people didn't scream and shout there were numerous incidents connected with the drinkers occupying the enclosures.

When they are drunk being in public view has no impact on their actions.

The police said some of their officers felt intimidated by the drinkers.

Arresting a drunk took an officer off the streets for 4-6 hours, courts impose petty fines, the drinkers pay each others fines and laugh at the police.

What a great advert for Lewisham to have by a major highway with 7/8 bus routes a load of drinkers on show.

The council introduced the drink zone and put an addiction centre slap bang in the middle of dumb was that.

Tamsin said...

My office is right on the High Street at ground level in the same block as the former medical/re-hab. centre. I know I would rather walk by such a gathering on the main pavement on the main road rather than further on my journey home in a badly lit and more lonely park.

Having had a grandstand view over the years, yes, there was lots of shouting, swearing and aggression but it was universally directed at others within the group. (And when working to a deadline there were times when I could have kicked their yappy dog. We did semi-seriously think about giving them a frisbee - a police give away at People's Day - for it to play with but decided that might be irresponsible in case it ran into the traffic and caused an accident.)

As said, all this is sometimes unpleasant to walk past but not so bad as it would be in the park. It is also surely easier for the police and authorities to keep a casual eye in passing on the group on the main road rather than going off specifically to investigate the park.

Anonymous said...

Let all the boroughs street drinkers inbibe only at Brockley Cross. It would raise the tone of the area somewhat I feel.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 16:43 yes, in a report to the Mayor in Jan 2009...the street drinking in Brockley was reharded as social.

Anonymous said...

Can there be social street drinking.

Anonymous said...

Yep...there are those who drink due to addiction and some who drink to be social.

The drinkers at Upper Brockley Road are social drinkers.

All the drinkers (addicts) at Rushey Green wanted was somewhere they could meet and caht with their mates.

A council cabinet member suggested Rushey Green enclosures or a piece of parkland (by a childrens playground).

So the solution to the problem of drinkers was to make a desiginated drinking area which would have encouraged more drinkers...

Anonymous said...

The drinkers on Upper Brockley Rd dont just drink, you can get stoned just walking past there.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked it wasn't illegal to drink, whether you're addicted or not.

Rastaman said...

Yeah so what people get stoned on Upper Brockley Road. Get a life and stop going on about it...

Anonymous said...

Upper Broc. Rd was a drug hotspot in the early 70s, it never changed. Political correctness prevents me repeating the nickname the locals had for the area.

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