Holly Walsh on Happy Mondays

Holly Walsh performing on Mock the Week

Holly Walsh is one of the UK's most successful comedy performers and writers. She is also the compere for Happy Mondays, the brilliant comedy nights at the Amersham Arms in New Cross. Ahead of their new season of comedy, we grabbed a few minutes of her time to find out more.

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Here's the interview:

Why did you choose New Cross?

Happy Mondays was already an established night at the Amersham Arms, with a really good reputation on the circuit (thanks to lots of people’s hard work). Over the years it’s had amazing acts perform there - including Russell Brand, Stewart Lee, Simon Amstell and Milton Jones. I’ve been compering it for the last couple of years, and in the Autumn we took over running it.

How do you know the area?

My boyfriend lives in Brockley, so I've been coming here for the last couple of years. I bloody love the overground and Mr Lawrence's.

Are the nights going well?

Yeah! Although I would say that wouldn’t I? It’s a really fun club – very informal and laid back. We always try and put on a varied bill so there’s something for everyone.

With the Goldsmiths Tavern reopening as The New Cross House in April (and hopefully rejuvenated), do you think New Cross can become a destination for Londoners?

Yes. Although for me, Deptford Market is the big draw. Where else could you buy a 75 disposable razors for £1?

What did you think of the Greenwich Comedy Festival - does it have a long-term future?

I love the Greenwich Comedy Festival. It’s got everything I want from a night out – brilliant live comedy, beautiful settings and home in 20 minutes.

I've been to Happy Mondays a couple of times - it's a very intimate venue and always bagged a sofa seat at the front, and I feel like I have to laugh manically at every gag, so as not to hurt performers' feelings. Do I?

I don’t think you do, although it would be nice if you laughed of your own accord, rather than because you felt you had to.

If you could book any act to perform at Happy Mondays, who would it be?

That’s a tough question, because so many good people have already done it over the years. I’d love it if Frank Skinner would do it.

You write for other people as well as performing your own stuff - are you tempted to keep the best stuff for yourself?

Yeah, of course. But some of the stuff I write doesn’t work coming from me – e.g. my 15 minute routine about having itchy balls.


10th January - Paul Foot
24th January - Andrew Maxwell
21st February - Brendon Burns
7th March - Pappy's
21st March - Rufus Hound

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