Crofton Park Transport

The Crofton Park Transport User Group is comprised of local residents, campaigning for better services. In particular, they want:

  • Better local services, including Sunday services
  • Improved reliability, punctuality and safety
  • Better facilities at railway stations - including access and information.
Their next meeting takes place on Tuesday 18th January at 7.30pm at the Ackroyd Centre, Ackroyd Road, Brockley Rise.

They will be joined by campaigners working to extend the 63 bus route to Honor Oak Park Station. If you'd like to support their work, please go along, or visit their website for more details:


Anonymous said...

CPTUG was an initiative of the Crofton Park Local Assembly and the meeting is for all public transport users who live in this area.
Ackroyd Centre is just round the corner from the Babur Restaurant.

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