Labour councillors respond to Brockley Cross plans

Local Labour Councillors Vicky Foxcroft and Jimi Adefiranye have submitted a joint response to the Brockley Cross consultation, calling for greater attention to be given to pedestrian safety.

Their submission is the result of feedback they’ve had from the local community and echoes many of the points made by the Brockley Cross Action Group. Vicky points out that in their conversations with the Council officer leading the project, he confirmed that there is scope for significant change to the plans and that late submissions to the consultation will be accepted.

She says:

Myself and Councillor Jimi Adefiranye have responded to the consultation regarding the proposed changes to the Brockley Cross junction. In doing so, we have tried to take on board as many people’s views as possible. We believe that it is good news that at long last funding has been secured to improve this area. However we have the same concerns as many residents in the area.

We believe that the new scheme should have greater concern for the pedestrians who have to cross here on a daily basis. We believe the new scheme has to take due regard for the safety of all.

We have also asked for feedback as to why they haven't considered changing to one roundabout, and we want to know why they don't believe this would be viable. I have been informed that this is due to safety reasons and we have requested more information on this.

We are in touch with council officers and other organisations who are involved in developing this. We have been informed that this is very much at the consultation stage and that they will endeavour to ensure people’s concerns are addressed.

If anyone wants to contact me about this, please come along to my surgery on the 1st Saturday of the month at Little Gems Nursery just off Malpas Road and the 3rd Saturday of the month at Addey and Stanhope school, just off Tanners hill. Alternatively I am happy to meet people at other times if they want to call or email me.

In the future we will be receiving a presentation from them, hopefully in March to give feedback on the consultation and how they believe we should go forward with this. If anyone is interested in attending this, please contact me and let me know. Numbers are limited, but we will endeavour to try and ensure as many people who want to be present are able to be. Alternatively you can call us on 0208 314 6899 or email me at with your views.

In particular, the Councillors raised three key points, which we have edited for reasons of space:

Safety and Pedestrian crossings

When talking to residents they would like to see crossings available at each entrance of the junction.

We also have an increase in the number of people crossing here, due to the fact we now have the East London line at Brockley station.


Is it not possible to have one roundabout, rather than the two that are currently used? It is felt that this may make the junction safer.

Many people find the junction confusing and quiet often there is confusion with traffic about who has the right of way.

Wider Streets

Numerous people have mentioned widening the streets around Brockley cross to make the area pedestrian friendly, this should be considered as part of the proposals.


PeterB said...

I hope the councilors said "Wider Pavements" rather than the "Wider Streets" quoted above !

Anonymous said...

"Quiet often"? Shouldn't they have read through it before sending it in?

Anonymous said...

Couple of proof readers above.

Anonymous said...

Implying that sloppy presentation just doesn't matter? Shame they didn't use a proof reader, might have made it look at bit more professional.

Munkiboi said...

Did teh pozt bi teh concilors nt make senze to u? I thnk moszt normal peeps culd disifer it juzt fine. Feel freeee tu korrect this and du let me no if u need help reeding.

Ed said...

Bit sloppy but I'm glad their focus is on pedestrians.

First time I've agreed with anyone from that party in years!

Unknown said...

As I have said before the motorists don't care about pedestrians at the zebra crossing near the station. I did send some comments back on the survey thatc ame through the door (I was confused by their map). I welcome putting pedstrians first.

Unknown said...

OMG sorry for the grammatical errors!

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