Greenwich Market plans approved

Greenwich Hospital has secured planning permission to redevelop Greenwich Market, with a new boutique hotel surrounding the market itself.

The decision means that the banana warehouse and stables on Durnford Street will be lost, but local campaigners who opposed the plans are taking some comfort from the fact that they won some concessions from the developers, who will now retain the original cobbled floor and roof.

A new crescent street will be created leading from Durnford Street to the market which the inspector describes as as “imaginative and acceptable additional chapter in the market area’s evolution” that would provide “variety and interest”.

The redevelopment of the market, which has been strongly supported by the Greenwich Society and local MP, Nick Raynsford, will not begin until January 2013 at the earliest and traders will move to a new temporary market at Monument Gardens whilst the redevelopment is undertaken.

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Headhunter said...

Excuse my ignorance but I'm still not entirely clear what is actually happening here. What exactly is being demolished? Are we talking the covered market area with pubs and shops all around? Or are we talking about the outdoor/indoor bit round the back? I put "Durnford St" into both Streetmap and Google maps and it's unknown...

boringoldfartdedicatedtopissingoffthe youngsters said...

Its a crying shame what's happening to Greenwich. They've already demolished a fine street front to make way for the DLR station and more importantly for the council, more boring shops. They closed the open air market for redevelopment thats never happened so thats a boarded-up eyesore, and now the council are intent on turning the town centre market into yet another bland shopping experience. And what councils never realise is that people come to an area for the market and the sights. Not the shops which they can get anywhere.

Lets not forget Lewisham wanted to do away with the street market on the High St, and the GLC wanted to demolish Covent Gdn and replace it with bland hotels and flats. Once the locals had organised and led a triumphnat campaign against the demolition the GLC claimed all the credit, isn't that right Ken. I speak as an ex member of the Covent Gdn Community Assoc. Now Boro' Mkt is being transformed into something suitable to sit alongside the Shard.
I spoke to the woman who runs the Stichelton cheese stall last Saturday, it looks like some of the traders are fed up with the markets transformation into a tourist destination and are decamping to Maltby St. Booths, once the best greengrocers in Boro have already gone to Maltby St. Greenwich and their local Mp should remember you don't know what you have till you lose it.

boringoldfartdedicatedtopissingoffthe youngsters said...

Durnford St is the turning into the market from Greenwich Church St. There's a fish restaurant on the corner. Only shop owners and mkt traders would drive into Durnford St at present.

Paddyom said...

I think the plans look quite frankly excellent and I am delighted this has finally got the green light.

I read the entire proposal (ex-SE10 resident with a big love of the market and too much time on his hands) and they are planning on demolishing only the 70s junk which makes up the majority of the market area. Look around next time you are down and the buildings within the centre of the market are horrible. Part of the area being redeveloped is currently a car park for the traders, I mean its going to be so much better from what I can see. The only old building being demolished is the one on the right as you walk in Dunford street from the main road. Its an old coach house which Greenwich hospital tried to save but its right in the way of the plans so has to come down. The bricks will all be reused in the . The cobbles will all also be reused and nothing else old will be altered. There are 4 red brick houses on the University side of the one way island coming down which date from the 70s, again no major loss.

All the traders are guarantees shops/stalls in the new market and from what I am hearing it will not be a place for the major chain stores as peopel keep suggesting. Why would Greenwich Hospital damage the market they own?

The only dreadful thing which is staying is the manky old 70s roof (look up next time you are there, its horrible) and thats only staying as some locals whinged about a new roof.

Sorry to harp on, just wanted to speak up for it as i reckon once its finished in a few years time everyone will love it and wonder what they were complaining about.

boringoldfartdedicatedtopissingoffthe youngsters said...

"Why would Greenwich Hospital damage the market they own?"

...Because they can.

The original proposal by the owners was to demolish the glass roof (which I like) and replace with giant umbrella-like structures, like an out of town 'outlet' village.

boringoldfartdedicatedtopissingoffthe youngsters said...

And as a matter of record the roof dates from 1902, though it was destroyed by a flying bomb in the war and reinstated. The shops date from the 1950s.

Rents for the traders have been rising (I'm told by an ex-shop renter) as the Hospital sought to empty the market. I bet when the redeveloped market reopens rents will have soared and many of the existing tenants won't be able to afford them.

Anonymous said...

please provide more on this. Are we talking about The 'Village' market near the theatre or the very historic covered market?

boringoldfartdedicatedtopissingoffthe youngsters said...

The old fruit & veg covered market.

Anonymous said...

If it is the covered market then this needs to be resisted. It would be a terrible loss to the area.

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