Southeastern "London's most expensive trains"

853blog reports that thanks to the New Year price hikes, Southeastern services are now the most expensive in London:

Even in Zone 2, passengers from Deptford [and St Johns and New Cross] are charged £48 a year more for an annual ticket for a rail-only journey to central London than their counterparts who use the frequent service at Clapham Junction. Both stations charge £4.40 for a day return on Oyster.
In zone 3 [Crofton Park], Southeastern is charging £52 more than most other companies, after hiking up the cost of an annual ticket by over 12.5% to £856. Passengers on sister company Southern pay £840 each year, while South West Trains’ charge varies. First Capital Connect, First Great Western and National Express East Anglia sell their annual zone 3 tickets for £804.


Anonymous said...

New services, new prices.

Anonymous said...

The zones only apply to TfL tickets - those sold as Oyster singles or TfL travelcards. Some people do very well out of the TfL zones e.g. Epping which is outside the M25 yet is in zone 6.

The ticket prices charged by the National Rail companies are not related to the zones. To compare the National Rail ticket prices with the zoned fares structure is slightly disingenuous.

darryl said...

Anonymous at 13:43 - you're wrong.

The zones do apply to rail-only fares for single tickets - it's a uniform rate across London. However, Southeastern (and Southern and SWT, to a lesser extent) choose to ignore the structure for season tickets, and charge more than other companies.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, would I be being unduly cynical to think that the Dept for Comm and Local Gov's (aka Eric Pickles) 'war on motorists' press release was timed to divert attention away from outrage at public transport fare hikes?

Lou Baker said...

South Eastern charge more because their services are so much better than the others.

They are most definitely not a bunch of useless numpties with zero ability at running a railway. Honest.

Nick - did you see the front page of Saturday's Telegraph which reported South Eastern claimed to have run 80.4% of its trains on time last month - just above the 80% threshold which would require it to refund passengers 5%.

Several Kent Tory MPs have questioned the figures (ie: accused South Eastern of lying) and demanded an
independent audit.

If South Eastern is found to have lied to save itself money it should be stripped of its franchise and its senior staff should be prosecuted for fraud. An example must be made of this shabby little company.

Anonymous said...

We can't do anything about fare rises so it's best not think about it and just pay up.

Brockley Lemming said...

Thats the spirit!

Anonymous said...

First do query any mismatch between the ticket prices charged by various operators and ask them to explain the reasons why. If the reply is not satisfactory to can then follow the process to refer this to Passenger Focus/London Travelwatch (you have to make represntation to TOC first) and ORR (rail regulator)

There is one person claiming a 61% increase for his ticket GNH to LON but his claimed prices not immediately apparent when checking NRE website.

Some examples exist where fares to stations further out are lower by up to £5 return, and on a standard ticket you can legitimately break your journey in each direction ;-).

As an alternative to having your complaints fall on blocked ears there is a further option - proven by those who thread steam rail tours in and out of London. Run your own charter (or open access operator) train - typically 600-700 seats per train for ticket holders, with guaranteed seats, and added value like wifi and catering service. If 600 x £3K+ per year folk signed up and a suitable timetable can be delivered you get over £2m/year to pay for running it. On spec passngers might be able to 'book any available seats by SMS on the day. Could lease ex Gatwick Express coaches or similar to do this.

Could a plan be drawn up? If SET can't deliver find someone who can, and build a business plan for daily Open Access/Charter train service.

NB this also shuts out DfT dithering over ordering that mythical 1300/2100 new carriages, which thay have been talking about for nearly 12 months - but we are now nearly 650 days since last order for new trains on English National Rail network, and DfT is blocking Virgin bid to get the new trains it took DfT 2 years to agree to order, in to service plus 4 Javelins also sit, surplus to current requirements each day due to low traffic from N Kent & other routes.

Anonymous said...

"As an alternative to having your complaints fall on blocked ears... Run your own charter..."

Sorry I don't wish to be rude but are you on drugs?

(earlier poster)

Ladywell Borders said...

New fares apply to all tickets; London buses, TFL and National Rail. My point to point ticket from Brockley to Three Bridges has gone up a £1. And surprise surprise, as with most days in 2010, my Southern train was 3 mins late today, so I missed my connection at East Croydon (which was also late, but I missed it anyways).

A quick call to my boss confirmed that I was late 3 out of days in 2010. My lateness has always been due to buses that never show up and to trains that are chronically late. Do I belive the train franchises claims of punctuality? NO! Do I feel that I am getting a quality service for the money I spend? NO!

Coney said...

If we aren't getting what we have paid for, a punctual, safe rail service then we are in or should be in a strong position.

If I don't deliver my side of the deal, paying for a ticket, I get fined, and rightly so. But what about the rail company doesn't?

The fact there is no direct mechanism to get redress is a problem. The market isn't working, this is a failure. People shouldn't just "pay up" it's not acceptable.

Anonymous said...
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Coney said...
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