Literature of Crisis

Tamsin's sent us the details for a bring and buy sale at the Hill Station on January 26th.


Tamsin said...

We could also possibly do with some help sorting donations received in advance (helpers can obviously take their pick - although you would have to pay for them) and on the evening of the sale. Get in touch if you are interested.

Tamsin said...

Shamelessly bumping this to the top again. As said to Bookworm on another thread - donations will be received until 8.25 on the evening (left overs will be taken to another sale and then distributed to either charities or the Honor Oak Community library or both) but earlier would be reassuring.

Tamsin said...

Just done a preliminary sort - lots of children's and early teens books - could do with more general fiction if anyone still has time for a clear out. If you could bring them up to the Hill Station by the end of the weekend or Tuesday that would be great, but donations still being taken up to the end of the sale!

And, of course, we will need buyers - we wont be looking for silly money - five for £1 or (large ones) 50p for paperbacks - £1 or £2 hardbacks - 10p to 50p or possibly £1 children's.

Tamsin said...

Thank-you everyone who donated over the weekend (and thank you to the Hill Station for taking it all in). Another couple of hours of sorting but I can report that we now have a respectable balance of children's books, general fiction and some really interesting looking non-fiction - lots of politics, economics, art, history & biography, and social studies.

Do come and buy on Wednesday!

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