Loampit Hill shop may be put up for auction

63 Loampit Hill, a derelict shop on the corner of Tyrwhitt Road once described by former Councillor Sue Luxton as one of the "most problematic properties in Ladywell ward" may be put up for auction after the Council was forced to intervene to repair its roof.

Lewisham Council press office explains:

The building had fallen into an extremely poor state of repair following the death of the elderly owner and the roof was causing a "statutory nuisance" to local residents. As a result, Lewisham Council was obliged to serve a section 79-81 abatement notice on the property under the Environment Protection Act 1990 and subsequently carried out work to renew the roof. The Council is now requesting costs to be reimbursed from the solicitors who are dealing with the deceased owner's estate.

If we are not successful and the debt remains outstanding, the Council will use the Law of Property Act 1925 to seek to gain title to the property in the County Court. If we gain title to the property, the Council will sell the property in auction in an effort to recuperate the costs incurred.

You can find the relevant part of the EPA 1990 at: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1990/43/contents

Thanks to Tyrwhitt Michael for the tip off.