Brockley Cross: short-term gain and long-term pain

Brockley Cross Action Group member and Brockley Ward Assembly organiser Stuart Woodin is concerned about the long-term implications of the works scheduled for Brockley Cross and is urging other residents to attend tonight's Assembly to persuade the Council to rethink its plans.

He says:

I am pushing for a better engagement process and a stop to phase 1 works because I am convinced that better crossing points, any pavement width increases and tarmac width decreases, which many are asking for, will be resisted by Lewisham Council – for three reasons:
  1. It will force traffic into other rat runs and they would like to keep the existing one (e.g. my current road) - which is rather unfair on residents of Geoffrey Road who have suffered for long enough.
  2. Any pavement width changes, will have a bearing on how the main carriageway aligns with the double roundabouts and connects with Brockley Road and Shardeloes road. If you fix the double roundabouts you severely limit the scope to widen pavements.
  3. If you allow pedestrians to cross where they really want to, this affects functioning and white line positioning of the double roundabouts.
In other words these early works could stop us getting a half-decent scheme.

Whether or not you feel strongly about this issue, we strongly urge any Brockley ward residents able to go tonight to do so. They are really fascinating sessions that give you a new perspective on local issues. Everyone should go at least once.