Digital Apprenticeships in Lewisham

Lewisham residents aged 16 - 24 are being given the opportunity to take a digital apprenticeship, giving them some of the skills they need to work in the creative industries, from digital design to content production.
Creative Process is running a pre-apprenticeship training course on 9th and 10th February 2011 for young people in Lewisham who want to work in creative or digital media companies.

Funded by Lewisham Council, this course will give young people an opportunity to learn more about Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeships. They will learn CV writing skills and interview techniques, and most importantly, have an opportunity to apply for 6 available jobs at some leading creative companies.
In a sector that still relies too heavily on unpaid internships that make it difficult for many young people to to break through, this is a great opportunity to get a foot in the door of one of the fastest-growing parts of the London economy.
Applicants must be Lewisham residents and British citizens and they cannot have a university degree.


Anonymous said...

Will the old PC brigade come down on the British Citizen only thing.

mb said...

No. Will the reactionary brigade complain about 'taxpayers money' being spent on the creative industries as opposed to say, ship building?

Brockley Nick said...

Perhaps no one needs to complain about creating job opportunities for young people in a difficult economic climate?

max said...

So Lewisham tax payers that are not British Citizens are not allowed in.

Is it PC to say that? I don't think so.

Brockley Nick said...

Nope. Oh well.

NXG_Resident said...

I use the vast majority of these skills in my day job and can safely say this course looks like a comprehensive entry-point to jobs in the new-media and creative industries. Two thumbs up from me.

max said...

I can't find in the linked pages where it says that it's for British Citizens only.

Brockley Nick said...

@MAX It was in the information I was sent. The point was given the same emphasis as I have given it.

Brockley Nick said...

@NXG - good to hear, I thought it looked pretty good and the companies they're partnered with are reputable too.

max said...

Let's hope that that bit of the info they sent you was incorrect then.

I personally think that it would be very wrong indeed to discriminate on the basis of nationality.

Brockley Nick said...

@Max - There may well be reasons why. For example, the funding may actually come from another source (other than the Lewisham taxpayer) that has such conditions attached.

max said...

Possible. It would be good to know more about it.

Anonymous said...

Under eligibility it says only that applicants have to be 'Eligible to work in the UK.'

I'm sure limiting such an opportunity to only British passport holders would in some way contravene European laws.

Brockley Nick said...

sigh... the info, from the people who run it, was explicit.

Anonymous said...

Well they haven't made it explicit on their website, which I repeat only says applicants have to be eligible to work in the UK. (Maybe this is the new big tent definition of 'British')
.... even bigger sigh...

Anonymous said...

personally i get pretty P***ed off with all the amount of training aimed at young people only ..

what about the over 24's ? ,
arn't they allowed to be interested in IT/music related stuff ..

Anonymous said...

24! I wish my tired old bag of bones was 24.

Anonymous said...

Be Interesting to know how popular this is,a lot of youngsters dont want to be working for low wages,just depends how long the Apprenticeship lasts.

Lou Baker said...

Only super loons could object to it being only for British Citizens.

Useful extra training for youngsters is most welcome. Providing it's good and leads to proper opportunities.

Of course, such training doesn't address the problem with our schools. It's completely shocking that some kids come out of school completely unable to read or do basic maths. That's a significant failing both on the part of the parents and the school.

PS: Max - the NHS clearly isn't working for you. Try private health care as you definitely need your head examined. The left side of your brain is in overdrive.

max said...

Lou, of course I object to opportunities being restricted to British Citizens only and I am surprised you don't get the point.

Anyone that's good enough to work, study, live and pay taxes here should have the same opportunities than anyone else.

In fact, if you do a bit of research you'll read that apprentiship schemes are supposed to be open to all these people.

If this scheme is instead open to British Citizens only it means that somewhere someone with the capacity to restrict access has decided to do so, and the only reason would be that he or she is a xenophobe.

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if the requirement isn't as they say on their website, that applicants have to be able to work legally in the UK, rather than be British citizens.

max said...

I suspect it may indeed be the case that's just a slip up in a press release, despite Lou thinking it's ok.

By the way, companies willing to recruit the best young talents in London would be complete fools to overlook the enormous amount of people over here that for a reason or another doesn't have a British passport.

Lou, wake up, it's 21st Century, those criticizing the "PC brigade" are on the whole a bunch of backward saddos.

Lou Baker said...


I have no problem with companies wanting to recruit the best and I have no problem with people from
overseas wanting to come here. I believe wanting a better life for you and your family is a perfectly legitimate motive for coming here. I don't buy the crap about foreigners taking our jobs - rather the problem is lazy Brits refusing to work in jobs they feel are beneath them. Hell, I like Brussels and favour joining the Euro - so I'm no xenophobe.

But I see no problem with limiting training opportunities to British citizens. I wouldn't criticise the Italians for running an Italian only training course in Rome, or the French for doing a French only one in Paris.

It really is only the politically correct who have kittens about this stuff. Incidentally, I suspect you wouldn't be quite so outraged by women, ethnic minority or disabled only training courses would you? Because, in Maxland, discrimination is okay sometimes - isn't it?

In any case this course isn't limited to British citizens. It should be, but isn't.

osh said...

why doesn't one of you contact them and ask the deal, if you're so concerned.

Moira said...

The new apprenticeship scheme developed by the LDA and Skillset (the media sector skills council)is in partnership with businesses who cover 50% of the training costs. This is on the job training with trainees placed in companies, so applicants have to be able to work in the UK.

Having delivered apprenticeships and training schemes on behalf of Skillset for 6 years, it was ever thus as these schemes invested in people by developing their skills on courses and on placements with production companies, which the trainees would then, hopefully return by working in the film & TV industry for many years. Within this industry, all Hods in all grade areas are adamant that the only way to learn their craft whether it by costume, art dept, production, grip, camera etc is by learning on the job.

That this is a pre-apprenticeship scheme, doesn't change the criteria as the trainees will be placed with companies and will be contributing to the work of that company. The designers of this scheme are just working within employment law.

Anti lou said...

"It really is only the politically correct who have kittens about this stuff. Incidentally, I suspect you wouldn't be quite so outraged by women, ethnic minority or disabled only training courses would you? Because, in Maxland, discrimination is okay sometimes - isn't it?"

Why would anyone? Targeted schemes, like this one aimed at young people, are there to help disadvantaged groups. Do you think our law enforcement services should better represent the society they police? Yes, so spend more recruiting in lewisham. Do you think that the disabled are in effect prevented from working and contributing? Yes, o spend money making work places more accessible. It was. As you are no doubt aware, the European parliament (of which I'm sceptical of your supposed support) has led to open Borders for employment. If you can work here, thanks to the legislation, you can join the scheme.

You're introducing a different argument.


Tamsin said...

As someone earlier said - contact them and check if it is causing such a hang-up. But it has also been pointed out that probably an error has crept into the information before it reached Nick - in that someone, some where paraphased (and, they may ahve thought, simplified) "entitled to work in the UK" as "British Citizen".

max said...

Hi Lou, as anti Lou just wrote so clearly, measures to help disdvantaged groups are different to restricting access to specific groups or priviledge one group because of social belonging.

As I am aware of your liberist leanings I was indeed surprised of your support for an argument to restrict access to British Citizens only.

Now, small talk to support this kind of discrimination, though widely accepted by a large part of the population, is a xenophobic one and people that just nod in agreement should wake up to what it is.

It's a "our own first" argument, which is not only incompatible with liberal thinking but is very damaging of specific values that a healthy society needs to uphold, and if I give you a list of places where this argument took roots I may end up validating Godwin's law.

As I said, I believe that it may just be a mistake on a press release, but what's sad is that some people find that that's ok.

Lou Baker said...

@ anti Lou

You are arguing in favour of discrimination - that's sad and a bit sick.

Employers should not discriminate against the disabled, or minorities or women - and they should face strict sanctions if they do. But they should not discriminate in favour of them either. If the best person for a job is a one legged, lesbian midget - great. If it's a straight white man - great too. Schemes to promote equality rarely
do that. They just end up discriminating against someone else.


There is nothing wrong with putting locals first. I wouldn't expect to be elligible for a state funded training programme in America, someone from Albania, Sudan or New Zealand shouldn't expect to benefit from one here. I'd rather we dealt with under achievement and lack of education amongst our own youngsters before sorting out everyone else's.

max said...

Lou, it's not about not putting local first, it's about putting British Citizens first, and British Citizens are only a selection of the locals.

It seems to me that in the first half of your comment you argue against discrimination and call anti-lou "sad and sick" and in the second half you argue in favour discrimination.

Now if you are right to call anti-lou sad and sick that makes you the same.

Only that unlike you, anti-lou's comment was not in support of "arbitrary" discrimination, he was only explaining you the principle behind why there are measures in place to help disadvantaged groups.

What you propose is completely arbitrary, there are plenty of people that don't have British Citizenship and yet are fully entitled to the full set of rights that British Citizens have, only differences are the right to vote at General Elections and the right to have a British Passport, but these are rights of a political nature, not civil, they hold all other rights, mainly that of residing here and make their life here just like anyone else.

Why are you suggesting that people that live here legally should not be offered opportunities that others instead should?
Please convince me that it's not just bigoted small talk with a xenophobic undertone.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember you advocating benefits for those who really need them. So you look at their needs and aid them if required. Are you suggesting universal benefits regardless of need?I had no idea you were such a socialist.

Nice argument about the one legged thing, shows your arguments up for what they really are. Stupid.

Anonymous said...

@mb 16:28

Yeah that's my acid test for a reactionary too; people who think this country should have a manufacturing industry....fascists.

mb said...

I was being tounge in cheek. This looks a perfectly acceptable initiative. Even Lou likes it, and he's mental.

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