Lewisham mosque criticised for controversial speaker [UPDATED]

Local blogger Bob from Brockley reports the Lewisham Islamic Centre's decision to invite violent anti-semite Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid to speak via satellite link at a recent event. The centre, located between Lewisham and Catford, was one of eight organisations chosen by Lewisham Council to act as community liaison for concerned residents to report hate crimes.

The issue is discussed in more detail here.


Lewisham Council has been in touch to correct this story. They say:

The Islamic Centre is not a third party reporting site. They gave initial commitment last March to the scheme, and were included in the original leaflets but have since been pulled from the list. They did not agree to sign up to the reporting protocol.


Anonymous said...

You can get satellite in Catford?

Anonymous said...

I don't know the current situation but 4-5 years ago the Mosque website had a 'world news' page which frequently appeared to be promoting the views of David Irving.

It could have been the work of an over zealous individual rather reflecting the views of the mosque community.

Anonymous said...

Abu Abdullah interviewed in a Lewisham park.


Anonymous said...

"It was 400 years ago today, Muhammad taught the band to play...."

Anonymous said...

A more up to date opinion from Lewisham, note the tea and LARGE slice of cake...


Brockley Nick said...

That IS a massive slice of cake. And a pretty well done video - the presenter's good too.

Mb said...

Carrot cake if I'm not mistaken, with earl grey tea. the sub text being that hey, we're as English as you, please dont torture me or lock me up without trial without even telling me the evidence on which that treatment is based. I would have gone Victoria sponge or perhaps scones with jam and clotted creme myself. Only socialists eat carrot cake.

He is rather good, look and learn People Before Profit team.

Anonymous said...

Is he the Islamic Jeremy Paxman.

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