Live Window Dressing at Tea Leaf Arts tonight

The South London Art Map and Last Fridays present 'Live Window Dressing' at the Tea Leaf Arts gallery, 110 Endwell Road:

Which is the most provocative: the curiosity to look into a neighbour's window, or the window which lures us to look in? See for yourself.....

Friday 25th March, 18:30-20.00

Tea Leaf Arts, 110 Endwell Rd, SE4 2LS

In conjunction with the south london arts map we inviting all comers to dress three live manikins and some dummies....ready for a short window display.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow people will be marching. Brockley represent yourself

Ed CPZ said...

It did not look like a public event as I walked past on my way home. Door closed and five or six people having a drink.

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