Deptford job centre occupation

Tormenting Kid: Hey look, it's Clean Shirt!
Mark Corrigan: Clean Shirt? What does that mean? Isn't that good?
Tormenting Kid: How do you get that shirt so clean, mate?
Mark Corrigan: Look, I know it must be difficult being a kid, not a lot of... schemes, but, y'know, I'm not the borough. I wish I was, but...
Tormenting Kid: Fuck off, Clean Shirt!

- Peep Show

For the last week, Lewisham's Anti-Cuts coalescence has occupied of the job centre in Deptford High Street. The squatters are protesting the erosion of public services in the borough and are preventing an established local entrepreneur (the founder of the Deptford Project) from opening a planned social enterprise at that location, which is fine, because it was probably only going to be for middle class people anyway [comments].

The protestors say [comments]:

It is a shame that people using the space at the moment are mostly white but we hope to attract as many people from the area as possible to get involved or just use the space.

The Social Center Plus is a welcoming space... you won't be kicked out for being middle class or an artist, we have a fair amount of both already.