Massages for Japan at the Sunflower Centre

Local masssuse Reiko will be giving massages at the Sunflower Centre to raise money for those affected by the recent earthquakes in Japan.

The sessions will take place on March 21st and 28th. Full details here.


ade said...

Not to rubbish an idea bourne out of concern for people affected by the quake but I read this blog post today which asks people NOT to send money to Japan -

Brockley Nick said...

@Ade - I can't see where it actually says not to send money, and while I appreciate that blogger's attempts to show what a strong, well-prepared nation Japan is, the bottom line is that thousands were swept away, tens of thousands of homeless and the country is currently undergoing the second worst nuclear reactor disaster of all time. All of this is contributing to a huge humanitarian disaster - as it would in any country.

Brockley Nick said...

From the Guardian's live reporting at 1.15pm today:

"Some 850,000 households in the north of Japan are without electricity in near-freezing weather. The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami is expected to exceed 10,000. Water supplies are disrupted in the worst hit areas, and food and fuel is struggling to reach the disaster zone."

Unknown said...

Divim vam se kao narodu u ovim teškim životnim poteškoćama kako sve to organizirano i smireno podnosite.Želim da sve vaše nevolje prođu bezbolnije i da u vašoj zemlji izlazećeg sunca opet sunce sija toplinom.Iz dubine svojeg srca i molitvom sam uz vas i želim sve najljepše i ostavljam sve pozitivne misli i nadu u budućnost.

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