Reader Offer - Project Snowflake at the Brockley Jack

2 for 1 offer for Brockley Central readers for the first two weeks of this show: performances 5th - 16th April.

Project Snowflake is written by Sasha C. Damjanovski and produced by Simon James Collier. Set in 2060, the country is ruled by laws and regulations and the all-seeing government that will stop at nothing to 'protect our citizens and our way of life'. At the Creativity Institute, two scientists, Martha and Jeremy, have designed a dream recording machine, but the government won't allow recordings of any old embarrassing dream or scary nightmare,
they want a happy dream recorder. A machine that will make the dreamer dream happy dreams.

These tickets will not be on sale through ticketweb - but can be booked by emailing and we will confirm the booking (reference Brockley Central in your email).

Tickets: £12, £10 conc.