Brockley Road repaved

The East side of Brockley station has struck back.

Work has begun to upgrade the stretch of Brockley Road that's home to the shopping parade nearest Brockley station. The shocking state of the pavement at this point had been holding back the parade's chances of capitalising on the influx of investment that the East London Line has brought with it, so this is great news indeed.

The Council confirms:

Work has begun and should be completed by the end of March. The programme involves widening the pavement on the eastern side between Cranfield Road and the southern end of the puffin crossing zig-zag lines. The area between Cranfield Road and Harefield Road will also be repaved.

Now, so long as this is done properly, we will at last have a half-decent high street - one which should entice businesses seeking to capitalise on the huge numbers of people using Brockley Station each day.