Sainsbury's rules out Jude Court

While Brockley Central doesn't like to say that we are always right about everything, our prediction that the new retail units on Mantle Road would not be taken up by a supermarket seems to be suitably prescient. Lorry deliveries can't get there easily.

Reader Peter has been much better than we have been at chasing Sainsbury's for an update on their plans to locate in Brockley. They confirm that while they are still looking at the area, they will not be moving in to Jude Court.

In an email, they confirm:

While Sainsbury’s are interested in opening a store in Brockley and we are looking at a couple of potential locations, we have not signed up for anything at this time. Unfortunately Jude Court would not work for us as we are not able to deliver to this property due to the low railway bridge to the north.