Not Brockley Central: Portman Village

Even in our most expansionist moments, we wouldn't try to claim Marylebone for Greater Brockley, but sometimes we like to go to other places and sometimes we write about them. So we've written about Portman Village for Londonist, whose readers are less likely to respond by asking with furious indignation what any of this has to do with Brockley.

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We didn't say it in the article obviously, but seeing how quickly and positively Portman Village has been transformed through a coherent plan, enlightened landlords and encouragement for independent businesses makes us wish that such an approach was possible in Lewisham. It easier to do it in central London of course, but a year ago, Portman was deader than Ladywell. Strict planning controls, low rents to help independent businesses (and cut vacancy rates) and a determination to create a pleasant public realm are the way forward.

See if you can spot some subtle references to a sewing cafe and craft workshop that we like.