Bubbler ranx highly in Brockley

Early Morning Bubbles. Hilly Fields. London SE4 from Lionel Stanhope on Vimeo.

Here's Brockley resident Lionel blowing enormous bubbles on Hilly Fields. Not that he needs to explain himself, but he does:

I watched a youtube film of Sterling Johnson (california) making giant bubbles on a beach and thought Id have a go with/for my daughter (nearly 6 now) and got a bit carried away trying to improve the size, colour etc.That was 8 months ago. I am an artist by profession and find making the bubbles very relaxing/calming when I'm on my own and fun when there are children and adults around to watch and pop them!

Its not easy, my recipe has 5 ingredients in it. Wand and solution both home made.Lots of testing and practice to get to this point.

Follow his progress via his Facebook group here.

For those of you interested in the progress of Bubbler Ranx's career (as we were when we came up with the headline), then you might like to know that the one-time Peter Andre collaborator was supposedly working in a Lewisham supermarket in 2004, according to the Digital Spy forums.