Poo Halloo - Radical rethink on Lewisham's dog bins

Doggy fashions come and go it seems. Lewisham Council has opted to follow a model employed by Camden to deal with the problem of where dog-walkers can stash their stools.

Dedicated dog poo bins have been removed from the borough and walkers are encouraged to bag their best friends' droppings and use the regular bins, which will be labelled accordingly.

On the plus side it cuts down on the number of unsightly bins in the park (the area around a dog bin is like a 10 foot radius Hot Zone). Lewisham Cllr Egan also says in the scheme's favour that:

This means many more bins are available. This approach was adopted by Camden a couple of years ago and has been a success there. As a dog owner I have found the Camden approach a lot more convenient and we hope it will lead to more people disposing of dog mess in the appropriate manner.

But the system does rely on normal bins being emptied regularly, rather than being allowed to overflow. And Brockley's Freegans are advised to exercise caution while bin-diving.