The Future of Loampit Vale North

Another of the most important aspects of Lewisham Council's long-term plans for Lewisham town centre is the creation of a new mixed development on a large chunk of land called Loampit Vale North, including the Thurston Road industrial estate, the strip of evangelical churches along Brookmill Road and the area currently occupied by the likes of Matalan. The plan envisages a counterpart to the Loampit Vale scheme currently shooting up.

Here's what the draft Area Action Plan says about the Thurston plan - click for details of the rest:

The Thurston Industrial Estate is allocated for mixed use town centre development. The Council will encourage development of this prominent and important site. Proposals should incorporate the following principles:

- Create an active building frontage to Loampit Vale and Jerrard Street of a scale appropriate to this town centre location. New development should prepare the visitor for the scale of the development they will encounter in the Lewisham Gateway to the west;
- Ground and possibly first floor uses should ideally be retail, business and community spaces with flatted accommodation above, taking account of the southerly aspect available and the amenity provided by the new publicly accessible open space being created to the south of Loampit Vale;
- The use and design of any new building needs to take account of the impact of shadows cast from buildings on the south side of Loampit Vale on this site and the microclimatic impact of any proposals on Thurston Road;
- Support the improvement of the public realm adjoining the railway line and facing the Thurston Road Industrial Estate, in order to enhance amenity for residents on surrounding development sites;
- Enhancement of public realm on Thurston Road;
- Creation of generous tree lined pavements with a coordinated approach to public realm material treatment (width of 6-8m);
- Jerrard Street and Thurston Road will take on more importance as new low car-parking schemes encourage walking and cycling and the quality and width of the footways require improvement;
- The site is situated within Flood Zone 3a High Probability. Developers will be expected to work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure that appropriate flood mitigation measures are incorporated.


Anonymous said...

Good idea. Out of town retail, if they should exist at all, should be out of town. Not in zone 2 where housing is needed for people working in central London. Me, and many people I know, are sick of long travelling times to work in central London (often on not very good wages) due to inadequate housing near to central London. When brownfield land near to Central London is wasted on Matalan and retail parks I'm glad to see them gone.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Flatted accommodation?

What's wrong with residential accommodation?

practical said...

They HAVE to improve the transport links. Lewisham is already dire at peak, and thats before the new estate is up, much less another one at Thurston.

Anonymous said...

True,Its ok throwing up all these new estates, but just wait and see what it does to public transport.

Marvin the Paranoid Android said...

What sort of retailers do they anticipate would take this space? It won't be up-market enough to attract the type of stores that inhabit Canary Wharf (which is fairly crap for shopping anyway), and most of the bog standard high street shops are already represented in Lewisham shopping centre. I suppose they may move out to the new site, leaving empty units behind them. Maybe I'm unduly pessimistic but UNLESS the centre of London's economic gravity shifts significantly towards Docklands, I just can't imagine there will be queues of retailers keen to invest in Lewisham.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Thurston Rd development includes the existing retail units there (Mothercare, Matalan etc), just the industrial block beyond that, but I could be wrong about that.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd uploaded a lengthy comment but it doesn't seem to have made it...

Matalan/Mothercare etc are part of 'Thurston Road Retail Park' which is to the east of Jerrard Road.

'Thurston Industrial Estate' is to the west of Jerrard Street where there are industrial units which are currently vaccant and being stripped.

In 2005 Chesterhouse Properties/Workspace 2 Ltd applied to build 4-15 storey building consisting of 300 residential units, a number of retail units including a large garden centre, permission was granted.

Two years later Chesterhouse Properties/Workspace 2 Ltd applied to construct a 2-17 storey building consisting of 408 residential units, a large non-food retail space (A1), 5 flexible commercial units (B1), and 4 units of flexible retail/commercial (A1/A2/B1), which was granted permission.

Earlier this year in February, Empire Lewisham Developments LLP, applied to renew the 2007 planning permission.

The owners of the car yard/wash site north of the industrial estate (52-54 Thurston Road) have applied to build a 10 storey building consisting of 62 residential units and at ground level a commercial unit (B1).

Brockley Nick said...

Sorry for any confusion, the plans do indeed cover the wider area, not just Thurston estate. The article copy's been changed to make it more clear.

Anonymous said...

Lewisham Gateway which was supposed to be catalyst for re-generation around the town centre but I see Barrats at Loampit Vale are claiming to have now taken on the lead role.

Despite claims by the council work on Lewisham Gateway will begin sometime this year, after the recent 'landscaping' of rubble are there any signs work is due to begin?

Since 2000 a considerable amount of public money and time has been spent on this scheme and still not one brick has been laid.

The Urban Regenration Board that was to oversee the scheme has long disbanded, having only funding for 7 years.

Despite a 2 year delay in consulting the public on a preferred road scheme, it was said construction would begin January 2006.

Following a further 18 month delay signing the contract with the chosen developers, a planning application was finally submitted in April 2006.

In October 2007 the developers announced building would begin in 2008.

In the period of time Lewisham Gateway won't have been built both Westfield, White City and Westfield, Stratford City will have been built and openned.

Anonymous said...

I'm really concerned about how the public transport will cope with all these new people presumably moving into these new properties, too. The trains out of Lewisham are bad enough at rush hour as it is, and local busses tend to be packed at most times of the day.

Mb said...

The ELL usually has room and Southern has more room since it's introduction. Move to Brockley, the waters lovely ;-)

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