Part man. Part machine. All Brock.

Freeman Lowell: It calls back a time when there were flowers all over the Earth... and there were valleys. And there were plains of tall green grass that you could lie down in - you could go to sleep in. And there were blue skies, and there was fresh air... and there were things growing all over the place, not just in some domed enclosures blasted some millions of miles out in to space.
- Silent Running

Goldsmiths Interaction Research Studio is looking for volunteers from Brockley interested in being assimilated as part of a study of microclimates in the home. So say affirmative.

It sounds cool and they can pretty much guarantee that you and your loved ones will not be turned in to Grey Goo:


We are a design team from the Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Over the last year, we have been working on various digital devices for reflecting on aspects of the home’s local microclimate, such as subtle variations in temperature, light, and air currents. These systems provide unique perspectives on the environmental profile of the home, without directly addressing issues such as energy usage or carbon footprints -- imagine something like an indoor weather station.

We are hoping to attract some Brockley locals to live with these digital devices. If readers are interested and live in SE4, SE8, SE14, SE23 please respond by April 9th 2011.

Contact: Kirsten Boehner at or call 07779 168 516