Brockley - The Times' speakeasy

This time last year, as the ELL opening approached, you couldn't open a property section without reading a review of Brockley, the undiscovered gem. A year later, we're now connected to Highbury & Islington and despite the best efforts of (Honor Oak resident) Delroy Grant to put the area on the map, we're still London's best kept secret.

The Times' property section yesterday reviewed Brockley among a list of affordable destinations. Of us, it said:

"Many people don't even know that Brockley exists. Hiding between Peckham and Blackheath, its isolation is part of its charm, with flats in grand four-storey housing in the conservation area proving popular with arty types. The East London Line extension and house prices that are 15 per cent cheaper than Blackheath make it feasible option for first-time buyers commuting to central London, while Hilly Fields and the cafes lining Brockley Road [sic] are an oasis of calm compared with its more sprawling neighbour, Catford."

No matter how many times its existence is reported, Brockley will never be known. It is the Martin Guerre of London residencies. Only 15% less than Blackheath? Surely not?!