Greenwich abandons pedestrianisation plans

Alan: [Arms folded, unimpressed.] Extraordinary. So, what do people think about the
pedestrianisation of Norwich city-centre?
Michael: [Very drunk] Eh – aye, I reckon it’s a really good idea, like.
Alan: Mmm. You’re wrong…
- I'm Alan Partridge reports that the Council has put its plans to part-pedestrianise the town centre on indefinite hold.

The scheme would have involved pedestrianising College Approach and King William Walk and diverting traffic around a new gyratory system comprised of Norman Road, Creek Road, Greenwich Church Street and Greenwich High Road.


Lou Baker said...

I was in Greenwich the other day and commented to Mrs Lou how the area around the market should be pedestrianised. It is a pointless road.

At the moment you have to negotiate at least 2 sets
of traffic lights to get round it. They could be replaced by one mini roundabout.

It is sad that such a lovely part of town is blighted by cars and any decision not to address the problem is clearly made by idiots.

Anonymous said...

The traffic problem in Greenwich is bad enough now,making more of it pedestrianised would make it even worse.

nec said...

Lou - the problem was not the principle of pedestrianisation but the detail of the scheme being put forward by Greenwich Council. The planned gyratory (being removed everywhere else in London) would have severely disrupted buses and made things worse for pedestrians and cyclists elsewhere in the town centre.

I'm in favour of a more pedestrian friendly Greenwich but this attempt was so clearly flawed that one wonders why Greenwich Council pursued it so doggedly to the exclusion of any other options.

fromthemurkydepths said...

I don't think anyone thinks the traffic shouldn't be sorted but this scheme was so flawed.
The main problem was the gyratory. Creating 3 lane one way, motorway-like roads around Greenwich was ridiculous. It would speed up traffic speeds though not journey times, and is hostile to cyclists and pedestrians. It diverted some buses away from the town centre, and would make the quiet, narrow Norman Road traffic clogged as the only 2 way road, at the same time as hundreds if not thousands of flats are to be built next to it.
Gyratories are flawed and have failed all over the country, and are being removed. Only Greenwich Council were willing to blow £2.5 million on it when there's much better ways to spend that across the borough.
They should go away, think of a better scheme to move through-traffic away from the town centre. Come up with a cohesive wide ranging plan looking at roads and traffic covering roads in a few miles radius of the town centre, in partnership with TfL, Central Government, and Lewisham Council. It may take a few years but wouldn't be a bodge job causing more harm than good.

patrick1971 said...

Nick, surely the quote is:

Alan (to lovely Jill during love-making): Jill, do you mind if I talk? It helps me keep the wolf from the door, so to speak.

Jill: I s'pose so.

Alan: So what do you think of the pedestrianisation of Norwich City Centre? Frankly, I'm dead against it. Traders need access to DIX-ons...and what about people in WHEELchairs?

Brockley Nick said...

Norwich pedestrianisation is a recurring theme!

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