Support Brockley MAX 2011

The Brockley MAX arts festival returns for 2011 and is currently looking for supporters who can help out with the following:

Venues who would like to have a photographic exhibition during the festival. Darrell Morris is planning a series of exhibitions and needs space. Please contact him on

Opening Night Do you want to help kick of B Max 2011 by performing at Brockley station on 27th May? Are you a musician, poet, dancer, singer, band, rapper who would like to do a 20 minute slot? Contact

Board members Brockley Max is run by Max Media Arts, a community Interest company dedicated to providing community events in the creative arts. If you would like to be part of a developing, creative, local organisation please get in touch and have lots of enthusiasm and a can do approach we’d love to hear from you! Contact


Anonymous said...

I just want offer my condolences to Gill who co-organised with Moira who passed away this February. Vibrant person, full of energy which makes her passing all the more shocking and upsetting. May she RIP.

Osh said...

Please can Moira confirm whether this is true or if not please can it be deleted? And I really think those kinds of messages should be from people who give their real name. Could be in very poor taste.

Moira said...

Hi Osh, It is all too terribly true. And I informed people on the Bmax mailing list, hence it is fairly public knowledge.

Gill was hugely creative, energetic, and passionate about the arts. The enormous hours she put in to the festival and therefore this community means Brockley has lost one its great champions.

Gill sang publicly for the first time at last year's B Max- something she was so proud of having achieved. As a tribute to her we will be holding an evening during B Max of her favourite singers. If you can perform an Etta James, Billie Holiday, Arethra etc then please get in touch.

My right hand woman and dear friend has gone. I had lost the will to organise the festival this year, but I knew that she'd be telling me to get on with it, as she always did when the work and the stress piled up.

Osh said...

OK, thanks Moira and sincere condolences to Gill's friends and family.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to Gill's family and to you Moira.

She was someone who was full of enthusiasm and energy and will be much missed.

James Wild

Screech said...

I remember The Max. It's where my buddies Zack, Slater, Kelly, Jessie and Lisa used to hang out. Those were the days!

Anonymous said...

Please support this wonderful local festival. Please volunteer to help out. You know it is ALL run by volunteers, so don't be shy, have a go and support your community.

Brockley is a great place with loads of artistic and musical events throughout the year. The Brockley Max helps to highlight the best of this talent and publicise it. It's also a really fun week too.

(One of the Max's occasional helpers)

Coney said...

i will help, I won't inflict any performances on people but the giving out of programmes or whatever odd jobs need doing i'll do.

Anonymous said...

I heard the BDS was putting on a ring-toss

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