Celebrate local volunteers who Make a Difference

Lewisham Council's Make a Difference programme celebrates local volunteers who make a positive difference to their community. It's now open for nominations, the closing date is May 3rd, 5pm.

They say:

An independent panel of judges will look through all the nominations and choose the volunteers or groups that best fit the category. Winners will be announced at our Make a Difference awards ceremony on 7 June.

Who can I nominate?

Anyone who lives works or studies in Lewisham and is part of a volunteering activity.

By volunteering, they should spend time, unpaid, doing something that benefits other people – either individually or as a group – or the environment.

How to nominate

Complete the nomination form making sure you give us as much information as possible. Each nomination form can be for only one category. So if you think someone could be nominated in lots of categories, make sure you fill out a separate form each time.


Mb said...

I will check this out when I get a moment but I'm sure there will be category for Moira and the team behind the Brockley Max? An excellent, professional event.

Get voting....

mb said...

...OK, tried to nominate but you need a postal address. Advice anyone?

Lewisham Web Team said...

If it is a group that don't have a fixed address, provided we have the address of the nominator,it is fine to put on the application that there is not a 'fixed' address.
If you have any problems please let me know helen.hilton@lewisham.gov.uk

Tamsin said...

Wow! Helen, heap impressed that (a) you knew the query had been raised and (b) responded so effectively.

Robert said...

Yes. Wouldn't it be great if we started getting direct responses from LC on other topics here. Helen glad to see you are spearheading this approach!

Brockley Dogging Society said...

Some of our members are living off the grid and unable to give a postal address. Would we be able to take packages via the toilet block on Hilly Fields?

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