The Telegraph Hill Festival 2011

The Telegraph Hill Festival programme is now live on its website.

Now in its 17th year, the Festival offers an eclectic programme, with a mixture of paid and free events. Highlights include:

Desert Cave Dining: March 25th, 26th

This Moroccan themed restaurant will appear like a mirage for only two nights offering cocktails, a three course meal, wine and live entertainment.

Dead, White and Blue: March 26th, 29th, 31st, April 1st

Work out whodunnit in this interactive promenade murder mystery - includes short walk. Recession, unemployment and a Royal Wedding - the street party will be a riot!

Zoe: March 26th, 27th

A musical in which a past-her-prime movie star engages a private eye to solve a mystery: Who is sending me photos of this young girl who looks exactly like I used to?

Comedy Night: March 28th

The glorious gala of comedy overload includes the incisive hilarity of Nick Revell, the superbly effortless mirth of Mark Maier and, if we are lucky, the finely-honed comic anarchy of Arthur Smith. All this, plus at least one other very funny guest and local boy Phil Nice.

The Creation Station Exploration: March 31st, April 1st

The Creation Station "Exploration" arts and crafts for 1-5 year olds. Book your free taster and let your child enjoy something fun, unique and inspiring.


Against Adprints said...

Don't know much about Telegraph Hill, but I am sick to the teeth with these pre-emptive ads. Obviously cookies are implanted every time I visit a website, and these are then employed to push non-stop products from those sites I have visited prior to this site -even after I have made the purchase. Time and time again ads for products I have enquired about and already purchased are waved in my face! Should that be a problem other than it being very distractive? Well, yes... this could be a backdoor to tracking the unwary poster by product. In other words, anonymous MULTI-POSTERS may be identified by their "adprint".

tinfoil said...

@AA - what are you talking about? Firstly, there's no such term as "adprints", secondly you're the only one who can see your ads, so how would anyone be able to "track" you? And thirdly, why on earth would anyone care?

Dave said...

Beware of the lizards.

Tamsin said...


Anyway - urgent update. The Saturday performance of Dead White and Blue is cancelled (one of the key cast members has to attend a funeral) but a extra peformance will be slotted in on Monday 28th at 7pm. (Early in order to be over in time for Comedy Night!)

Note the box office opens at 8pm on Thursday 17th March in the Telegraph Hill Centre.

just call me 'Dave' said...

Leave it tamsin.... Your tampering with forces you can barley comprehend!!

Tamsin said...

Box Office update. Just posting to say that wind and weather permitting the Festivial box office will be operating from 10 to 2 at the Farmers Market in the Telegraph Hill Lower Park this Saturday.

And I will leave the lizards to their own devices...

Tamsin said...

Anyone work for the Council and able to give up a Sunday (in a most enjoyable way)? The person organising the "Ark in the Park" event on Sunday 3rd April wants to be able to use the One O'Clock Club premises. They can do so if a council employee is around assisting. So anyone out there...?

Please get in touch either with me (the gmail account) or with Vanessa, through the Festival website.

Brockley Dogging Society Events Ltd. said...

Dogging Experience: Selected Thursdays from 9PM

The Brockley Dogging Society is taking it's famous Dogging Experience on tour and will be visiting Telegraph Hill park. Patrons will be expect to perform a full uphill climb as well as be able to use a half-pipe.

Come one, come all, the only expectation is that you come.

£3 Adults, £1 OAPs/Concessions

Tamsin said...

Again, anyone work for the Council? Unashamedly hoiking this back into the recent comments list to catch those who check out the site of a Monday morning as it got pushed off the end by the welcome news that the Deptford Deli is expanding operations.

Lou Baker said...

Good luck trying to get a council worker to give up a weekend.

Getting most of them to do anything during the week is hard enough ....

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked a Green councillor?

Tamsin said...

Real rather than on-line box office open again tonight 6.30 to 8.30 in the Centre. Just learned, however, that Comedy Night is now sold out.

Events also starting to happen tonight with Food Inc. being shown in the Hill Station and Celia singing "Songs from the Ladies" in the Telegraph Dennetts Road (as mentioned on the other thread).

A good thought about Councillors - I will put it to the event organiser.

Brockley Jon said...

Quite intrigued by the Desert Cave Dining experience tonight! Alas, I have plans.

If anyone's going, or went last night, feel free to do a quick write up! :)

Tamsin said...

Can't immediately find the Musicians thread to post this on but flagging up that this evening/tomorrow evening - depending on when you read this - anyway on Wednesday for the avoidance of doubt there is the usual stunning Classics on the Hill. Includes Masaika - the accordian and violin duo who played at Hilly Fields in the Summer - and Sally Silver who sang there - and some other great music. 7.30 in St Catherine's Church and there is a bar from 7pm and refreshments.

Tamsin said...

Programme update. Rolling Sound will not be on Kitto Road on Saturday - funding cuts... But there is a lot of other stuff going on around the place - including Open Studios with the revived Tea Leaf Arts participating both afternoons. There's the Craft Fair and an International Food Festival (or perhaps Festival of International Food) and the Cake Competition (come along to taste and judge)on Saturday with "Ark in the Park" Sunday daytime and a talk on the first Men in Space (Yuri Gagarin's flight 50 years ago come 12th April) on Sunday evening.

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