David Jones in the Great Place

Mike writes:

Thought that you might be interested in a remarkable film on the life of Poet, Soldier & Painter David Jones (buried in Ladywell Cemetery). He is also the subject of a recently published book by Thomas Dilworth on DJ in the Great War, which recounts many incidents about his early life in Brockley. His family lived for a time at 115 Howson Road.


Anonymous said...

Regrettably this section of Howson Road is not in Ladywell

Westsider said...

That's because there is no such thing as Ladywell. It's just an idea that someone once had, quickly forgotten.

Anonymous said...

That's patently not the case, but if 'westsider' is from the 'west' side of Brockley, as it is sometimes referred to, there certainly is no such place as that - under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Ladywell Fields tomorrow: Hands around the hospital!

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