Brockley Cross - the final destination

The final stage of the improvements to Brockley Cross has begun. Work got underway in the summer but then ground to a halt when the Olympics and Paralympics forced a temporary cessation of all roadworks in the capital.

Conway returns, a neighbourhood rejoices

The remaining work to be carried out includes installing raised crossings, relaying pavements on the west side and making the stretch of Geoffrey Road between Brockley Cross and Upper Brockley Road in one-way (traffic will only be able to enter Geoffrey Road from Brockley Cross, not exit it).

The Council explains:

Work began again at Brockley on Sunday morning (18 Nov).  Conways have already realigned the kerb and are laying paving on the north side of Endwell Road, outside the timber merchant's yard.  There's not enough space there for Conways to work safely so we've had to temporarily close Endwell Road to westbound traffic and displace the eastbound lane.  However, all being well, we should be able to reopen Endwell Road in time for the evening peak on Thursday.

Our next task will be to establish one-way working in Geoffrey Road.  This is a condition of the Metropolitan Police's acceptance of the new zebra crossing on Brockley Cross.  We cannot finish the zebra crossing and get it up and running until one-way working is established at the western end of Geoffrey Road (between Brockley Cross and Upper Brockley Road).

We have still to fix a date for the resurfacing work and will be discussing this with Conways this week.  We hope to be able to complete before Christmas but we may have to wait until early in the New Year for a slot to become available.