Florence: Brockley Cemetery High School Football Rules!

On ThursdayFlorence and the Machine performed a Radio 2 gig at the Rivoli. Returning to the area that helped forge her musical career, lead singer Florence Welch remarked how much more moderner Brockley was than before:

It's so wonderful to be home - and here of all places... It is such a pleasure to be back at the Rivoli Ballrooms and also just to be back in Brockley. I actually spent quite a large bit of time here at one point, 'cause I was having music lessons here and I used to hang out in the graveyard. 

And actually, strangely a small bit of inspiration came from that graveyard 'cause I did used to do handstands and hang out there. And if anyone knows the lyrics to Only For a Night - a small portion of it comes from Brockley Cemetery. That and other cemeteries across England... 

But we've been home not for that long and actually driving through South London, just kind of... it's been really... South London, yes!

Brockley must have seemed bigger during her homecoming - and yet smaller for her drummer, who was held hostage by the Rivoli's lavatory: Welch explained:

“I didn’t know whether to say it on stage because I didn’t want to embarrass him, but he got trapped in the loo. He was screaming He got really freaked out. We could hear him – ‘Let me out’ – trying to bash the door down, and they had to take the door off its hinges."