Supersonic Brockley

Things that didn't exist three years ago: #1 A Brockley bar scene.

Stanley writes:

We've started a new, weekly night in Gulen's every Saturday that is designed for the area and offers something very new. Over the past couple of weeks those who've come in out of curiosity have loved it and we're building a following. We've just started flyering properties around Brockley this week.

We start at nine with laid back cocktail music. A bit of swing, a bit of 'elevator' 60's lounge, a bit of Frank, Dean and Sammy, and mix in indie classics from the 90's and 00's. After midnight, it becomes more of a party and without fail so far everyone's been up and dancing at 3am to Suede, Pulp and Blur.

It's just designed to be really fun and unpretentious and hopefully it can be a real boon to the Brockley bar scene.