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Earlier this year, we reported plans to convert a Harcourt Road garage in to a microbrewery. Now, we have an update from the Brockley Brewing Company team:

The Brockley Brewing Company is a small group of local residents who love a good pint of ale and who have set up a private enterprise to do something about it. Over the years we’ve seen the choice of local bars and restaurants improve dramatically, some of these serve great beers but none of them made locally. We think Brockley deserves its own brew and will be making handcrafted quality beer - brewed with love in SE4. 

Building works are already well underway at our microbrewery in Harcourt Road and we’re hoping to roll out our first barrel in early Spring. We will be arranging an open day for everyone to have a look around and sample SE4’s first brew – Brockley Central readers will be the first to know the details.


Si said...

This is great news, can't wait to try their beer. I love that beer is becoming a local thing again

Well done said...

Well done everyone involved - great idea.

Anonymous said...

Now this is good news I had hoped to jump this train but glad something is going on if you want a quality tester I can send in cv.

MikeSE13 said...

Fantastic news!.

Anonymous said...

....well that is something to look forward to.

A local brew will certainly put Brockley on the beer map of London.

Beer often does not keep its flavour long. When it is freshly brewed it can be so tasty.

A locally brewed pint would be a fine thing indeed.

Brockley Jon said...

Really excited about this. A bit fed up with all the good London ales hailing from hipsterville (Camden, London Fields...). This will be great for our little pocket of SE London.

Quick plug for the Sylvan Post in Forest Hill - always have some amazing real ale on, at least 4 or 5, different every time I go in, and CAMRA discount too. I am not that much of a brewdog to be a fully paid up CAMRA member, but the Sylvan might just persuade me!

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