Brockley whale warning

Dex writes:

On Saturday at midday, a man came up to me near the corner of Brockley Road and Harcourt Road and kept asking for sex, followed me down the road and then started offering me money for sex (£5 - not that flattered!).

It continued as I (and others) shouted at him to stop, and he just kept on. I reported it to the police but wasn't sure they'd take any notice as it wasn't a particularly serious incident. They came round within 10 minutes, took a statement and said the same man had been reported earlier on Saturday in New Cross, doing the same thing.

It wasn't particularly frightening as it was broad daylight with lots of people around, and I'm 30, but if it was dark I would have been more concerned, and I think a teenager would have been more frightened.

The man was white with dark hair, about 5'5 and a bit unkempt. Please could readers report it to the police if anything like this happens to them? It will help the police build up a profile of him.