Brockley Police Station faces closure

Brockley Police Station is tucked away on Howson Road and is open from 10am - 2pm, Monday to Friday. It has been threatened with closure since 2007, when we first reported it. With police budgets under pressure, its future is under review by the Met again and a petition has been launched against its closure.

Cllr Foxcroft writes:

"I am unhappy about the closure of Brockley Police station. We cannot afford to be blasé about community safety. I and fellow Labour Councillors, Jimi Adefiranye, Carl Handley, Helen Gibson and Vincent Davis are deeply concerned about the potential closure. The proposals for community safety have not been made clear by the London Mayor and the Metropolitan Police. Community safety is paramount and we need to keep a close eye on these developments whilst ensuring the local residents maintain an adequate service."

The loss of any community asset is always something to be regretted, but if we were tasked with cutting the police budget, we'd probably start by culling these outposts too. Brockley Police Station's main function is as a base for local Community Support Officers and while we absolutely agree with Cllr Foxcroft that community safety is a vital service - and the police must be clear how it will be delivered in the event of the station's closure - if there are cheaper ways of delivering it, then the station would be an acceptable loss in order to protect other areas of the police budget.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that when they mentioned counter closures i did think of our sleepy old backstreet station. Of course SE4 needs bobbies on the beat and good police community relations but it was always a running joke when I lived round the corner from it that the only time you ever saw anyone go in and out was a copper on the lunch run, hauling back bags of sandwiches, kebabs and choc bars. Try it, it's a fun game!

Unknown said...

Is the proposal just closure with no base in Ladywell/Crofton Park wards for the SNTs to be based at, or are they proposing to sell the Howson Rd station off and have a smaller base in an commercial premises or similar which was the proposal last time?

Anonymous said...

Tom Watson MP latest blog raises concerns about his safety regarding a question he put to the Prime Minister the other week.

Couldn't help noticing at the top of his links to other sites was to former Lewisham councillor Andrew Brown.

If Watson is bumped off, will those he links to be next...gulp.

Anonymous said...

The building will be sold off and be converted in to flats!

Anonymous said...

This is a fine building in central Brockley and could be converted to offer a range of uses including, residential, low cost workspace and cultural facility. Think Cockpit Arts, APT etc.
Pressure needs to be applied on the local Planning Authority to engage with the local community to create a planning brief and for the Metropolitan Police Authority to understand that they can't just take the cash and run but have to put something back into the local area when the building is brought forward for sale. Anyone for a Neighbourhood Plan?

Ron Dixon said...

Agreed, convert the properties for council housing.

build it and they will... said...

I love the usual wooly response by that political division, who's default position is to put cuts on the London mayor and the police.

Therefore absolving themselves from scrutiny and blame. Such an impersonal response. Nothing like having your own opinion or voicing the opinions of your electorate. hey :)

Reminds me of why I don't vote for you any more.

The reality is keeping things open that don't need to be open is a waste of not only my money but every other tax payers.

The police are in the best position to manage there own resources, surly? as we don't tend to use them in the way they do in the first place.

I know it's part time staffed by volunteers but, What is it's used for?

As for social housing we still have a fair ammount of that around here, but nothing to bridge the middle ground, not really a fair spread or balance to the housing situation.

Maybe another Councillor could propose a rehab center for irony sake;)

Cockpit arts "interesting" idea?... what about a digital start up-co op of sorts?

Silicon brockley...

Makes me think keeping Ashby Mews development as workshops and developing the police stations as live-work would be cheaper and quicker... conversion vs new build?

Keeping light industrial, in one area that's used to it and the other could become a silicon puddle, not quite a roundabout a valley or a pond, but a puddle.

Could it become a new amazon sorting office or royal mail pick up point... Surely more business would benefit from the location. Failing that a trendy wine bar.

Surely there must be an extinguishing business that could, broaden it's horizons.. as long as it's not a bookies or another fried chicken shop ;)

Either way I'm sure Lewisham planning will have the opportunity to muck it up, as I think they're adopting a dwarfing policy.

If you can't make the people look like ants from the roof top. You can't build it.. Lewisham way & Glass Mill and 180 Brockley Road developments for example ;)

999 said...

This 'police' station is useless, it's never really open. Wwhen it is it's staffed by retired civilians.

Any calls to the station are answered by national service staff - who then pass you to Lewisham!

Get rid.

Anonymous said...

'tasked' is a horrible word.

Anonymous said...

Why would we want another royal mail parcel collection point we already have one we don't need a second one.

Anonymous said...

The current one may not figure in the Royal Mail rationalisation plan for its property assets.

I suspect that both the Police Station and the Royal Mail Sorting/Collection Office properties will be sold off to the highest bidder.

Is there much of an argument for retaining them for public use?

Anonymous said...

its always bloody closed anyway

Anonymous said...

Please revere to thread that deals with royal mail closing sorting office in Brockley this is not happening.

Anonymous said...

"..the Metropolitan Police Authority to understand that they can't just take the cash and run but have to put something back into the local area when the building is brought forward for sale"

why do they have to? so on one hand they are told to cut budgets, they identify that police stations are not used in the same way they used to be and make a sound decision to close facilities that ARE NOT BEING USED only to be told that if they cut those facilities that ARE NOT BEING USED they have to give back to the community WHO ARE NOT USING THEM?


sell it, take the cash, improve the police. It is not the police's responsibility to solve the housing issue.

Anonymous said...

Still no news on Lewisham Gateway, re government funding that was due to be announced last June?

The council said the scheme was due to start by the end of this financial year.

The Lewisham Gateway website is full of unformation...

Why not move Scotland Yard to central Lewisham?

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