Brockley Police Station faces closure

Brockley Police Station is tucked away on Howson Road and is open from 10am - 2pm, Monday to Friday. It has been threatened with closure since 2007, when we first reported it. With police budgets under pressure, its future is under review by the Met again and a petition has been launched against its closure.

Cllr Foxcroft writes:

"I am unhappy about the closure of Brockley Police station. We cannot afford to be blasé about community safety. I and fellow Labour Councillors, Jimi Adefiranye, Carl Handley, Helen Gibson and Vincent Davis are deeply concerned about the potential closure. The proposals for community safety have not been made clear by the London Mayor and the Metropolitan Police. Community safety is paramount and we need to keep a close eye on these developments whilst ensuring the local residents maintain an adequate service."

The loss of any community asset is always something to be regretted, but if we were tasked with cutting the police budget, we'd probably start by culling these outposts too. Brockley Police Station's main function is as a base for local Community Support Officers and while we absolutely agree with Cllr Foxcroft that community safety is a vital service - and the police must be clear how it will be delivered in the event of the station's closure - if there are cheaper ways of delivering it, then the station would be an acceptable loss in order to protect other areas of the police budget.