Spam - The Invisible Menace

BC is bombarded by spam bots all day every day. Mostly, Google blocks it, but it still causes problems and means that some people's legitimate posts get filtered in the algorithm's attempts to blog ads for Chinese porn sites, Ugg boots, prescription medicines and French eCommerce sites. You would think that the collective mathematical brilliance of Google could create a filter that could tell the difference, but apparently they can't.

Anyway, for some reason, the spammers have gone in to overdrive for the last week or so, so we are flicking the switch that means only people who log on with their Google account can post comments. Hopefully, the spam bots will get bored and we can go back to normal shortly. 

In the mean time, all those of you who think BC shouldn't allow anonymous comments: this is your time to shine. Show that you can be arsed to log-on in order to comment.