Mantle Moan

Tom wants to know if there's anything he can do about traffic problems on Mantle Road. He writes:

As you know, The Maypole redevelopment [a new block of flats, opposite the entrance to the station] is now under way. The builders have moved the hoardings around the site further on to Mantle road, thereby blocking the sight line when trying to exit Foxwell St on to Mantle Road. 

Add to this the fact that there are nearly always two cars outside the shops under Charlotte Close, so there is always a line of cars queuing to get under the bridge and up on to Endwell Road. It forces cars on to the wrong side of the road into traffic coming under the bridge which is on a blind bend. 

Take in to account all the cars and delivery lorries and bad parking outside Nisa, it is all becoming a mess. 

There is already a problem with the end of Foxwell St with people parking there and taking the train to work to save a few quid. This parking problem is creeping down Foxwell St and is getting worse, making the street look like a car park.


kolp said...

"making the street look like a car park."

Roads have cars on them. Think about something else to more about. The sun is bit bright perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Are kolp and Lou the same person? Yes kolp roads have cars on them, you can also alter the way you organise roadworks and site hoardings to minimise the disruption. Stop being a contrary dick.

Anonymous said...

The whole area is getting highly congested with commuters parking each day. Our road (Revelon Road) is always full of cars on weekdays - there is never anywhere for a tradesperson to park.

kolp said...

Why didn't you simply just respond to the issue(s) in thread. Why did you feel the need to respond to kolp? And an add an insult. What is it about intelligent or polite discussion that is alien to you?

No wonder you post as anonymous...

The issue I have picked up on. Is that there is nothing wrong with roads having car parked on them. The aesthetics of roads is a first world 'problem'

The apparent issue is temporary whilst a development is going on.
Issue 1.

Issue 2 is the classic moan (that ends up in calls for cpzs) about cars. That is what I was responding to.

Do you understand now ANON. Do you get it? Eugh?

Brockley Nick said...

"Why didn't you simply just respond to the issue(s) in thread"

Well Kolp, why didn't you heed your own advice? The guy who wrote the article has a right to moan about the parking problems outside his house. Rather than telling him to look at the sunshine, either offer some constructive advice, or ignore him.

Anonymous said...


i took your reply to Tom as an insult to him. in fact you could argue your reply to him, was a moan about a moan.

seems you willing to make insults against others but do not like it when you are on the receiving end.

anonagain said...

i did have a dig at you Kolp, deserved in my view. As it happens i did respond to your point, you can minimuse disruption to road users with a bit of thought.

Anonymous said...


Please ignore Kolps childish and uncalled for reply to you the best option would be to speak to Lewishams parking enforecement team council about your concerns. Now parking enforcement has been passed to the Council unless the vehicle is causing an immiediate obstruction, that means not just parked on the side of the road, there is very little they can or will do.

Anonymous said...


i should have mentioned the police can and and will do little not the council.

Fattyfattybumbum said...

You should have a word to the site manager about moving the hoarding back a bit due to the visibility problems you mentioned.

You should also report the problem of illegally parked cars to the Council, (if indeed they are parked illegally) and cite your concerns.

The prospect of an accident and subsequent court case can often be enough to trigger action with these large organizations.

kolp said...

Your local councillor?

Anonymous said...

Looks like your answer to are kolp and Lou Baker the same is a yes. That comment at 1332 is obviously meant to be Lou Baker with kolp spoken about in 3rd person and sounds Lou Baker-esque. Also the sentences are so short.

Short, sharp points. Light on facts. If I'm brief I'm right. I have the moral high ground.

World Wide Web said...

Dear Kolp.

You really rustle my jimmies.

Kind regards,

The Internet

Anonymous said...

Simple, introduce CPZ around the station

Anonymous said...

What is it with people on this site and their obsession with parking? I live in the area of Brockley you are talking about, I own a car which I have to park on the street, and I have very little problems. If you lot carry on all this pointless whinging then the council will inflict charges on us all and make life a lot more complicated and expensive for residents!

kolp said...

Don't include me in that. I am trying my best to convey that there is strong contigent of Brockley residents who do think things through, rather than just react.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kolp. The "let's organise another petition" crowd are seriously getting on my wick.

How to Make Friends & Influence People said...


Just in case you don't realise, you writing style comes across as extremely argumentative and combatative, and you seem to be pre-disposed to provoke.

Of course, people often end up in arguments on the internet but if it is happening every time you type then perhaps it may time that you re-assess your attitude and methods of interaction?

Also, hate to be the one to break it to you, but you have a habit of practicing what you accuse others of:
- Going off topic
- Moaning about moaning
- Not allowing opposing views.
- Insulting people
- Not engaging in polite conversation

The above is likely to alienate your fellow posters, which may lead to a negative spiral wherby people start reading your posts in a negative way - even if you didn't intend them to read that way.

Anyway - just thought someone should let you know.

kolp said...

I don't care- move on.

Anonymous said...

Case proved there, Kolp. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Kolp....move on somewhere else and make us all happy

kolp said...

You can bang on and on about what you think about kolp. I don't care. I come on here for my own reasons, just like you do. Focus on yourselves. That is something within your own gift to change.

This is my last response on this particular issue. Adious!

Tom in Foxwell St said...

'Mantle Moan' is a title given to my concerns by Nick Barron. Moan did not appear in my original email.
I have seen poeple move bollards and parking on drop kerbs, blocking people with push chairs, the disabled and visually impaired.
I do not want CPZ in our area.
I ask for considerate parking and sharing of our streets.
That was all, no offence meant, no moan intended, no nasty comment expected.
I will not bother you all again.
Tom in Foxwell St.

AAA said...


Please don't take a few moany responses as indicative of the BC readership. There are plenty of people who dont spit venom with every sentence.

We'd all much rather people vocalised their thoughts (like you) rather than just sitting in silence. It makes the blog much more interesting to have local viewpoints. Its just a shame people can't always take them for what they are - people thoughts and views raised for discussion, rather than just a starting point for insults and arguments.

S of Mantle Road said...

I live on Mantle Road too and I don't have my own car, and I would like to agree that these cars are dangerous.

It's dangerous. That affects everyone from pedestrians to cyclists and motorists. You shouldn't be able to park opposite the Nisa - it really does force people to pull out and possibly cause an accident. No need for CPZ just some well placed double yellows!

Anonymous said...

Tom, you have a valid point and it was well made. Please do ignore Kolp - he's just the village idiot.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the CPZ in Brockley.
I live in the Conservation area and this free parking in my road must come to an end!

Anonymous said...

Move it down the road, so your neighbours suffer?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. This free unregulated parking must come to an end?

Mungo said...

This perfect system we have must come to an end

Anonymous said...

End this free parking now i say!
Where else in London Zone 2 can u park free of charge all day at a station!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how far a CPZ would have to extend to discourage drivers from clogging up the parking on roads around stations?

CPZs seem arbitrary, inflexible and a tax on car owners who live in the streets covered by them.

They are a blunt instrument.

There has to be a better way.

Anonymous said...

How far must the CPZ cover?
Well at least a 15min radius walk from the station.
No free parking in Brockley i say!

Anonymous said...

"How far must the CPZ cover? "

ask Bullock - he'll say 'all of lewisham!'

and do you know who's the main beneficiary?

the parking regulations enforcers

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