Mantle Moan

Tom wants to know if there's anything he can do about traffic problems on Mantle Road. He writes:

As you know, The Maypole redevelopment [a new block of flats, opposite the entrance to the station] is now under way. The builders have moved the hoardings around the site further on to Mantle road, thereby blocking the sight line when trying to exit Foxwell St on to Mantle Road. 

Add to this the fact that there are nearly always two cars outside the shops under Charlotte Close, so there is always a line of cars queuing to get under the bridge and up on to Endwell Road. It forces cars on to the wrong side of the road into traffic coming under the bridge which is on a blind bend. 

Take in to account all the cars and delivery lorries and bad parking outside Nisa, it is all becoming a mess. 

There is already a problem with the end of Foxwell St with people parking there and taking the train to work to save a few quid. This parking problem is creeping down Foxwell St and is getting worse, making the street look like a car park.