Acorn Children's Club

Kevin Johnson, Chair of the Acorn Children's Club Committee writes:

Acorn is a long-established after school club for children aged 4-12 which is run from the Ackroyd Community Centre.

Acorn offers an after-school pick up service for children at Stillness, Dalmain and St William of York Schools.

We currently have a few places available if people would like to apply. Acorn also offers a breakfast club for children at Stillness. For further details, please visit our website.


Anonymous said...

"fees are £55 for a full-time place or £12 daily" etc etc

makes the £1 a week suggestion for the telegraph hill thing seem very reasonable

Anonymous said...

No it doesn't. One is a "stay and play" where parents stay with their children. The other is childcare. You are not comparing like with like.

Unknown said...

Hi there,

Acorn provides after school childcare for children from local primary schools.

The costs enable us to employ experienced and dedicated staff, and provide a range of fun activities for the children, including crafts, games and sport. There is also a chef who cooks the children a hot meal every evening.

Acorn has been running for many years, and provides a safe and happy environment for children after school.

The management committee is formed of local parents who are all volunteers, and who value Acorn as a community resource.


Chair, Acorn Children's Club

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