Brockley Station adds 900,000 passengers in four years

Courtesy of Brockley Kate, here the annual passenger numbers for Brockley Station, provided by the Office of the Rail Regulator:

2007–08 1.825 million
2008–09 1.978 million
2009–10 2.000 million
2010–11 2.727 million

Growth accelerated with the opening of the East London Line, which helped passenger numbers grow by 35% in its first year It's this growth which has made many of Brockley's new shops, cafes, bars and restaurants viable - which may offer some consolation, next time you have to crowbar yourself on to the ELL.


Anonymous said...

2009–10 2.000 million

Phase 1 from New Cross Gate to Crystal Palace began in May 2010, so the 2010–11 2.727 million figure says it all.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was getting a bit busy.

Brockley Jon said...

@anon, yeah just a bit, as I whinged about on SEC's Transport forum a few days ago. Ed's response is worth reading, though not particularly good news.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before but someone will need to die falling on the tracks at Canada Water before any significant increase in frequency.

Station Cars said...

And this is just the increase in passengers at one station!

I said...

Extend the Bakerloo line through south east London! This is what needs to happen (but won't).

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