Telegraph Hill Mixer

Teleraph Hill charity Bold Vision writes:

We are proud to announce the third edition of our magazine "Mixer" is now available. This time it’s the Food Mixer.

Inspired by the launch of the Grow Wild project based in and around News Cross and Telegraph Hill, this edition collects together contributions from artists, writers, chefs and cultivators all connected by the area’s market garden history.  Every copy includes free litmus paper for finding out what kind of soil you have, and a voucher to exchange for a free clove of garlic to grow.  You can pick up your copy from

·         Green Shoots, Besson Street, SE14 5SE
·         the Hill Station, Kitto Rd, SE14 5SG
·         the Telegraph Hill Centre office, Kitto Rd, SE14 5TY
·         the Common Growth garden, Sandbourne Rd  SE4 2NS
·         New Cross Learning, New Cross Rd, SE14 6AS

Or look out for the Food Mixer in local coffee shops and other outlets.  If you would like a copy but aren’t able to visit to pick one up, let us know at or phone 07812 638301  and we will try to get one to you.  Happy reading, planting, growing and eating!