Brockley Central Drinks - December 10th

After our usual amount of procrastination, the BC team have decided upon a date and venue for the next Brockley Central Drinks Night.

It's Jam Circus (330-332 Brockley Road), December 10th, 8pm.

Yes, that's a Monday. But finding dates in the run up to Christmas when people aren't otherwise engaged is tricky. And doing it on a Monday night means that skeptics can try out BC Drinks without fear that they are sacrificing an important evening.

Co-hosting this one will be a newcomer to the BC Family - Brockley Lizzie, who has successfully nagged us in to getting another date sorted and - going-forward - has offered to be our BC Drinks Organiser-in-Chief. Together with Brockley Ben, Jon, Kate and Nick, she looks forward to meeting you all.

The usual rules apply: Come (either on your own or with a group, it doesn't matter), have fun, meet some people (there are some regulars who know each other well by now but there are always lots of new faces). You don't even have to live in Brockley, you can live nearby or simply desire to be here (last time we had a few people who were contemplating a move to the area and wanted people's advice). It goes on until kicking-out time.

You don't have to book or register or anything else. Just turn up. Though if you are thinking about coming, it's always good to hear from you in advance, via this page or on Facebook and Twitter. We normally get anywhere between 50 and 100 people, but who knows what we'll get on a Monday night, before Christmas, in a place as popular as Jam Circus.

See you then!